Sunday, 18 May 2008

How the NHS 'sold' my PLACENTA to a luxury cosmetics firm instead of using it for medical research

An NHS hospital is handing over new mothers' placentas for use in the development of anti-wrinkle skin creams and luxury shampoo, the Daily Mail can reveal today.

The trade, which brought in £5,000 for Poole Hospital in Dorset last year, was condemned by politicians and health experts who said they were worried about the ethics involved.
And yesterday one woman, 39-year-old Donna Norman, told of her outrage when she realised that, following the arrival of her daughter Milly, the afterbirth was given to a biochemical company.

"I was under the impression that my placenta would only be used for vital medical research - not that it may help make some skin cream or shampoo," she said. "I feel violated by what I have been through. It feels like they stole it because it was all done on false pretences. It's from my body. "It's my DNA and I feel like they tricked it from me."

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