Thursday, 21 August 2008

Fatal delay: NHS trust took 42 minutes to dispatch an ambulance to girl who later died after she was struck by a car

The family of a student who died after waiting 42 minutes for an ambulance blamed the 'disgraceful' delay for her death.

Rebecca Wedd, 23, was hit by a silver BMW as she walked with a group of college friends to her summer ball.

Police arrived at the scene in seven minutes, but it was almost three-quarters of an hour after the 999 call when paramedics finally appeared.

The national target for answering such a call is eight minutes.

Miss Wedd was flown by air ambulance to a nearby hospital but died of her injuries the following day.

Her distraught father, Peter Wedd, 53, spoke of his anguish yesterday after a damning report condemned the NHS Trust involved.

He said: 'My daughter's death has been a nightmare for our family and I would not want anyone else to suffer like we have.

'I believe that if an ambulance had arrived within a reasonable timeframe, my daughter could be with us today. Instead we have had to live through this nightmare.

'In anyone's book being forced to wait 42 minutes for an ambulance is a disgrace and I sincerely hope that this does not happen again.'

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