Thursday, 21 August 2008

NHS cancelled more than 100,000 operations in a year

The number of cancelled operations is almost twice as high as previously admitted by the Government with thousands of patients suffering from multiple cancellations.

Ministers have previously said that cancelling operations is "unacceptable" yet have failed to act to prevent hospitals from cancelling procedures, often just hours before surgery is due to take place.

The figures have been obtained by the Conservatives who used Freedom of Information laws to request the data from NHS trusts.

Andrew Lansley, the Shadow Health Secretary, said: "Having an operation cancelled can cause huge distress for patients and their families. It's simply unacceptable that these figures are so high.

"The Government are directly to blame for these problems. NHS staff are doing the best they can but how can they plan patients' care properly when they are continually hampered by Labour's top-down targets? Labour's boom and bust approach to the NHS finances has made things even worse, with bed shortages and staffing shortages in far too many trusts."

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