Wednesday, 13 January 2010

£150,000 for bullied NHS manager

Press Association

A bullied NHS manager from South Wales who suffered a nervous breakdown has been awarded £150,000 in compensation, it has been revealed.

Unison said Nanette Bowen, 55, of Llanelli, suffered panic attacks and stress during three years of harassment.

On one occasion she was so stressed by the ordeal she was rushed to hospital herself with a suspected heart attack, the union said.

Mrs Bowen was employed at Price Phillip Hospital in Llanelli for 28 years, working her way up from porter to information manager, reporting directly to the chief executive.

Swansea County Court found the former Carmarthenshire NHS Trust liable last February and the parties involved have settled on compensation. The trust was taken to court after Unison took up Mrs Bowen's case.

The court heard that in 2000 Eric Lewis became her boss when Llanelli and Dinefwr trusts merged to become Carmarthenshire NHS. The union said in a statement that Mr Lewis made sexual innuendoes towards her and was regularly aggressive when challenged.

The statement added: "Over the next three years her responsibility for hiring staff was removed, she was not allowed to pass on information to staff without his consent and had to fill in a daily form for him to monitor her work.

"The harassment caused Mrs Bowen, who was the main breadwinner in the family, stress and panic attacks. She was signed off sick and, on one occasion, she was rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack."

Dave Prentis, Unison general secretary, said: "I am sure that Mrs Bowen would rather have her job and her health."

Mrs Bowen said: "I am relieved that the case has finished, but this is not like winning the lottery, as the money can never make up for my life being ruined."

Source: Press Association


Compensation comparison:

Private Jamie Cooper, who at 18 became the youngest British soldier to be wounded in Iraq. He was hit twice by mortar rounds in an attack on his base in Basra in November 2006.

He lost the use of one leg and a hand as well as suffering internal injuries. While in hospital he contracted MRSA, caught C difficile and had bed sores so bad they required surgery.

Then it was discovered he was one of a small number of British soldiers who may have been given contaminated blood. He was awarded £57,587

Source: Times Online